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Effortless Gardening Made Simple: Discover Our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot!

Effortless Gardening Made Simple: Discover Our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot!

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Introducing our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot - the perfect solution for bringing your green dreams to life with ease. This high-quality flowerpot is designed to save water and eliminate the need for daily watering.

Made with durable double-layer plastic, this flowerpot ensures long-lasting performance. The innovative design features a convenient filling port that allows you to effortlessly fill the transparent base, which serves as a water container. With this smart system, you can easily monitor and control the water level, providing your plants with the right amount of hydration.

Whether you're decorating an office desk or sprucing up your balcony garden, our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpots are available in three sizes: Small (8.211.3 cm), Medium (10.513.8 cm), and Large (15.3*18.2 cm). Choose the size that suits your plant's needs and your design preferences. Additionally, they come in two elegant colours, White and Gray, allowing you to match your environment seamlessly.

With our carefree flowerpot, gardening becomes a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily watering and enjoy the convenience of our water auto-absorption planter. It's perfect for busy individuals, frequent travellers, or anyone seeking an effortless gardening experience.


  • Type: Water auto-absorption planter with filling port
  • Colours: White, Gray
  • Material: AS (durable plastic)
  • Sizes (Diameter * Height): Small(8.211.3cm), Medium(10.513.8cm), Large(15.3*18.2cm)

Package includes:

  • 1 Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot
  • 1 Cotton rope (optional accessory for additional water absorption)

Make your gardening journey easier and more enjoyable with our Double Layer Self Watering Flowerpot. Embrace convenience and watch your plants thrive effortlessly.

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