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Running Water Fountain Wealth Attraction Tree Ornaments For Home Decoration

Running Water Fountain Wealth Attraction Tree Ornaments For Home Decoration

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Introducing our Running Water Fountain Wealth Tree Ornaments For Home Decorated, crafted with precision and elegance to enhance your living space. Made from high-quality resin through a meticulous injection moulding process, this beautiful ornament combines the soothing element of running water with the symbol of prosperity, the Cash Tree.

Available in two attractive colour options, Water pendant circulating water + Cash Tree [small] and Water pendant circulating water + Cash tree [large], this ornament adds a touch of tranquillity and abundance to any environment.

The small size of the ornament measures 20CM in length, 20CM in width, and 30CM in height, making it a perfect fit for compact spaces or as an accent piece on a shelf or side table.


For those seeking a more prominent statement piece, the large size measures 27CM in length, 27CM in width, and 45CM in height, allowing it to command attention in larger rooms or as a centrepiece in your living area.

Its intricate design, features a beautifully crafted Cash Tree adorned with cascading water pendants. The gentle flow of water creates a serene and harmonious ambience, while the symbolism of the Cash Tree brings wishes for wealth and prosperity.

This ornament is visually captivating and serves as a practical tabletop fountain, bringing the soothing sound of running water to your space. The injection-moulded resin material ensures durability and longevity, making it a lasting addition to your decor.

Whether placed in your home, or office, or as a gift for loved ones, it will elevate any space with its exquisite design, relaxing aura, and positive symbolism. Bring a touch of elegance and abundance into your life today.

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